Skills sector development agency

About the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs)

At the heart of the Skills for Business network are 25 Sector Skills Councils (SSCs). Each SSC is an employer-led, independent organisation that covers a specific sector across the UK. The four key goals are:

SSCs provide employers with a unique forum to express the skills and productivity needs that are pertinent to their sector. By coming together as SSCs, employers have:

All SSCs are licensed by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, in consultation with Ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Together, the SSCs cover approximately 85 per cent of the UK workforce. The Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) has responsibility for providing cover for those industries that fall outside the SSCs and actively engages with trade unions and professional bodies in this role.

The SSDA is also responsible for funding, supporting and monitoring the SSCs.

Further information

For a complete list of SSCs including contact details, click here. Use our online tool to search for your SSC, click here. To find out more about sectors that fall outside of the SSC network, click here.