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Women & Work: Sector Pathways Initiative

What is the Women and Work: Sector Pathways Initiative? The initiative will focus on sectors where women are currently under-represented and will test out new recruitment and career opportunities.

The specific aims are to:

The initiative receives government funding, matched by employer contributions, and is in response to recommendations by the Women & Work Commission’s report ‘Shaping a Fairer Future’.

What is the Skills for Business network’s role?

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) were asked to submit bids for funding for specific projects which will encourage women to enter particular sectors or help to progress the careers of women already working in them.

The first round of bids is spearheaded by five Sector

Skills Councils:

A further round of projects was announced in January 2007 involving these Sector Skills Councils:

Further information

The Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) is responsible for co-ordinating the project. You can find out more information by emailing [email protected]